April Student of the Month

Every month the high school teachers come together and discuss their nominees for student of the month. The teachers look at attendance, responsibility, effort, and leadership. For the month of April Eric O'Konek, Brieanna Yancey, and Andrina Turnquist were chosen for students of the month.

Andrina Turnquist is a hard worker and is always prepared for class. Last semester, she took 13 college credits plus her high school credits and played varsity volleyball. This semester she is still taking several college credits, finishing up her high school credits and playing softball. All of this, and she still manages to stay a 4.0 student. Before leaving on her Explore America Trip, she managed to get ahead in all of her classes so she could simply enjoy her trip without homework. All of this takes dedication. This is what earned Andrina the award of student of the month. 

Eric is an excellent student for a variety of reasons. He is always on time and ready for class. He is hardworking, pays attention, and completes quality work. Eric always has a great attitude and takes pride in his work. He works well with any student and brings out the best in others. Eric is accepting of all students. He is a pleasure to have in class and a great role model for others.

Bri has been stepping up in the classroom advocating about programs for the homeless and why it's a huge issue that should be addressed. She shows passion in what she is learning and is also leader in the classroom by helping others and giving ideas to better help her peers.