May Students of the Month

The following students were selected for May's Students of the Month.  Sierra Simonson, Daniel Green, Sarah Hall and Dawsen Wasik were chosen by their teachers as students who have shown leadership, perseverance, great attitude and good attendance.  Congratulations to them!

Sierrra Simonson

 Sierra has been an outstanding student at Alexander School for the entirety of her high school career.  This award could easily have happened any month of this school year.  Sierra exhibits leadership in and out of the classroom, she is self-motivated and on task.  She has continuously achieved at a high level and is an asset to her peers and this school. Sierra makes the classroom a fun place to be.  She is refreshingly honest, has a sharp sense of humor and contributes to classroom discussions.  She is extraordinarily qualified to be a recipient of this award. ~Mr. Spacher

Daniel Green

Sometimes, being a high school teacher is a really challenging job.  There are times, however, when we get to watch a student mature and grow, both academically and emotionally.  Daniel Green is one such student.

Daniel has realized the importance of keeping current with his studies, and works hard to make sure his assignments are well done and submitted on time--a far cry from the 8th grader who couldn't even find his assignments, let alone get them turned in!

Additionally, Daniel has matured as a person.  He has become a good-humored, resilient young man, who is always (well, almost always) a pleasure to have in class.    

We look forward to watching you complete your journey here in Alexander, Daniel; congratulations on achieving the honor of Student of the Month. ~Mrs. Hall

Sarah Hall

Sarah is very cordial and will always greet you with a "good morning" and a smile. She works hard in class and asks questions in and outside of class time. She misses some school for track, but gets her work ahead of time and completes it on schedule. These qualities are why she was pick to be one of May's Student of the Month. ~Miss Kieson


Dawsen Wasik

Dawsen has made many improvements to go from being a good student to a great student.  He takes responsibility and makes adjustments necessary to strive to be better.  Dawsen always actively participates in class and has a good attitude.  His thinking skills are a great asset to any group.  Dawsen has stepped up to be a leader when necessary and does a great job in this role.


It takes a special person to do something because it’s the right thing to do even if it’s not the popular thing to do.  Every day Dawsen has taken it upon himself to help out an elementary student on the bus.  He even takes the time to walk that student into the building every morning.  This act of kindness helps make this young student’s day that much better.  ~Miss Hill, Mrs. Skurupey & Ms. Bieber